Media Specialist


Whether it's writing, shooting, or editing, I am experienced in all areas of video production. Here you can find the earliest projects I made in college while earning my degree in Mass Media Arts as well as more recent freelance and personal projects.


From sound design, location sound recording, and editing, to studio voice over and podcasting, I know my way around a sound wave. Hear it here!


I have been gigging as a professional musician since 2012 and have put out albums with bands and as a solo artist. I have also composed soundtracks for a variety of short films and videos.

I Make Stuff

Creativity is my motor. No matter the medium, I love taking an idea and seeing it become a finished product. I want to use my skills to let other people tell their stories.

I earned a degree in Mass Media Arts from the University of Georgia and attended law school at UGA immediately upon graduating. There I learned about copyright law and issues related to the entertainment industry. Now with my legal education complete, I plan to move back into the creative fields that I am truly passionate about.

A bit about me: You could probably learn all you need to know about my interests from my bookshelves. You'd see a collection of almost 200 records spanning all genres. You'd also see more than 30 board games tucked wherever they can fit. There's also a growing collection of Kurt Vonnegut books, peppered with other novels, music theory instruction books, and other books on miscellaneous interests (bread baking, music biographies, etc.). I love music, board games, and learning about things I am passionate about. That's my story. I'd love to help you tell yours.